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animals/robin perches snow covered tree boroughbridge
A robin perches on a snow covered tree in Boroughbridge, northern England
animals/red squirrel sits tree holds walnut frankfurts
Red squirrel sits in a tree as it holds walnut in Frankfurt's city centre
animals/four month old crocodiles held zookeepers weighed
Two four-month-old crocodiles are held by zookeepers before they are weighed during
animals/snow melts hairs mouth horse farm near town antrim
Snow melts on the hairs around the mouth of a horse on a farm near the town of Antrim
animals/blue morpho butterfly clings dish american museum
Blue Morpho butterfly clings to dish at American Museum of Natural History in New York
animals/eye geese pictured geese farm hohenried
Eye of geese is pictured at geese farm in Hohenried
animals/flock starlings fly rahovec
A flock of starlings fly over Rahovec
animals/black winged kite hovers hunts hula lake ornithology
A black-winged kite hovers as it hunts at the Hula Lake Ornithology and Nature Park
animals/praying mantis insect lands center court rafael
A praying mantis insect lands on the center court during Rafael Nadal of Spain
animals/zebra seen masai mara game reserve
Zebra is seen in Masai Mara game reserve
animals/duck ducklings swim hot summer weather lake zurich
A duck and ducklings swim during hot summer weather on Lake Zurich in Zurich
animals/dog drinks water fountain hot summer day brussels
A dog drinks water at a fountain on a hot summer day in Brussels
animals/atlantic puffins seen daisies skomer island
Atlantic Puffins are seen among the daisies on Skomer Island
animals/atlantic puffin seen daisies skomer island
An Atlantic Puffin is seen among the daisies on Skomer Island
animals/atlantic puffin carries sand eels island skomer
An Atlantic Puffin carries sand eels in its bill on the island of Skomer, Pembrokeshire
animals/atlantic puffin sand eels flies burrow island
An Atlantic Puffin with sand eels in its bill flies to its burrow on the island of Skomer
animals/blue tit sits wire fence garden goroshki
A Blue Tit sits on a wire fence in a garden in Goroshki
animals/pelicans fly agricultural fields near southern
Pelicans fly above agricultural fields near the southern Israeli city of Netivot
animals/flock starlings fly agricultural field near southern
A flock of starlings fly over an agricultural field near the southern Israeli city
animals/group tule elk stand hillside point reyes national
A group of tule elk stand on a hillside in Point Reyes National Seashore
animals/vicuna runs salt flat uyuni
A vicuna runs across a salt flat in Uyuni
animals/puffin seen farne islands off northumberland coast
A puffin is seen on the Farne Islands off the Northumberland coast near Seahouses
animals/flock migrating cranes seen hula lake ornithology
A flock of migrating cranes is seen at the Hula Lake Ornithology and Nature Park in
animals/monarch butterflies fly el rosario butterfly sanctuary
Monarch butterflies fly at the El Rosario butterfly sanctuary in Michoacan
animals/hypsiboas picturatus frog pictured jambatu center
A Hypsiboas picturatus frog is pictured at the Jambatu Center for Research
animals/gastrotheca plumbea jambatu center research conservation
Gastrotheca plumbea at the Jambatu Center for Research and Conservation of Amphibians
animals/cranes fly hungarys great plain hortobagy national
Cranes fly over Hungary's great plain at Hortobagy national park
animals/gophers line city sidewalks homes flooded east
Gophers line city sidewalks after their homes were flooded in the East Village area
animals/seagull lands rock sunset komarovo outside saint
A seagull lands on a rock during sunset in Komarovo outside Saint Petersburg
animals/atlantic puffin seen bluebells skomer island
An Atlantic Puffin is seen amongst the bluebells on Skomer Island
animals/atlantic puffin seen bluebells skomer island
An Atlantic Puffin is seen amongst the bluebells on Skomer Island
animals/pusha cat licks baby squirrel bakhchisaray
Pusha the cat licks a baby squirrel in Bakhchisaray
animals/robin pictured central park new york
A robin is pictured in Central Park in New York
animals/bee collects nectar flower village ripanj near
A bee collects nectar from a flower in a village of Ripanj near Belgrade
animals/bee collects nectar flower village ripanj near
A bee collects nectar from a flower in a village of Ripanj near Belgrade
animals/white storks seen inside nest chimney rooftops
White storks are seen inside their nest on a chimney above the rooftops in Rust
animals/skylark flies field near village trusavichy
Skylark flies in a field near the village of Trusavichy
animals/swarm painted lady butterflies land carolina cherry
A swarm of painted lady butterflies land on a Carolina cherry tree as they migrate
animals/swarm painted lady butterflies land carolina cherry
A swarm of painted lady butterflies land on a Carolina cherry tree as they migrate
animals/goldeneye runs surface river near remote village
A Goldeneye runs on the surface of a river near the remote village of Sosnovy Bor
animals/buffalos drink water sunset pond kenyas tsavo
Buffalos drink water at sunset from a pond in Kenya's Tsavo West National Park
animals/malay lacewing cethosia hypsea hypsina butterfly
A Malay Lacewing (Cethosia hypsea hypsina) butterfly clings to a leaf at American
animals/white peacock butterfly clings plant exhibit american
A White Peacock butterfly clings to a plant on exhibit at American Museum of Natural
animals/camels rest tengeri desert outskirts zhongwei
Camels rest at Tengeri Desert, on the outskirts of Zhongwei, China's Ningxia Hui
animals/polar bear shakes body remove water st felicien
A polar bear shakes his body to remove water at the St. Felicien Wildlife Zoo in St
animals/butterfly flies large crocodile tarcoles river
A butterfly flies over a large crocodile in the Tarcoles River, a river with one of
animals/deer feeds western canadian canola field bloom
A deer feeds in a western Canadian canola field which are in full bloom this week
animals/puffins carry sand eels young fly farne islands
Puffins carry sand eels for their young as they fly above the Farne Islands off the
animals/black cap capuchin monkey plays food enclosure
A black cap capuchin monkey plays with some food in its enclosure at the Olmense Zoo
animals/great egret feeds lake near village karpavichi
Great egret feeds at a lake near the village of Karpavichi
animals/shadow frog seen banana leaf garden kuala lumpur
The shadow of a frog is seen on a banana leaf at a garden in Kuala Lumpur
animals/red deer roam foggy day golan heights near israels
Red deer roam on a foggy day in the Golan Heights, near Israel's border with Syria
animals/butterfly seen lavender flower near madrid
A butterfly is seen on a lavender flower near Madrid
animals/butterflies seen flower meadow near village
Butterflies are seen on a flower in a meadow near the village of Ravnica
animals/grey crowned crane looks visitors enclosure olmense
A grey crowned crane looks at visitors from its enclosure at the Olmense Zoo in Olmen
animals/green tree frog ascends inside glass window enclosure
Green Tree Frog ascends the inside of a glass window in its enclosure at Sydney's
animals/duck keeps warm enclosure jordans zoo near amman
Duck keeps warm in its enclosure at the Jordan's zoo near Amman
animals/flamingos fly heron wetland reserve celestun mexicos
Flamingos fly over a heron at a wetland reserve in Celestun in Mexico's Yucatan
animals/woman walks dog past wall near seafront brighton
A woman walks her dog past a wall near the seafront in Brighton
animals/taipei tree frog climbs leaf tucheng taipei
A Taipei tree frog climbs a leaf in Tucheng, Taipei County
animals/flamingos wade cape towns black river
Flamingos wade in Cape Town's Black River
animals/mute swan swims lake snowfall pogradec
A mute swan swims on a lake after snowfall in Pogradec
animals/competitor rides sled hill dog sled race destne
Competitor rides sled up hill during dog sled race in Destne
animals/locusts rest branch near kmehin israels negev
Locusts rest on a branch near Kmehin in Israel's Negev desert
animals/butterfly caught spider web sharr mountains southwest
A butterfly is caught in a spider web in the Sharr mountains southwest of Pristina
animals/oil coated white ibis sit marsh grass small island
Three oil-coated white ibis sit in marsh grass on a small island in Bay Barataria
animals/red kite flys chiltern hills southern england
A red kite flys over the Chiltern Hills in southern England
animals/japanese monkeys soak hot spring snow covered
Japanese monkeys soak in a hot spring in a snow-covered valley in Yamanouchi town, Japan
animals/flamingo bird rests head feathers enclosure munichs
A flamingo bird rests his head in his feathers in his enclosure at Munich's Hellabrunn
animals/phyllobates terribilis seen exhibit cali zoo
A Phyllobates terribilis is seen in an exhibit at the Cali Zoo
animals/snowy owl seen burford
A snowy owl is seen in Burford
animals/27 year old white polar bear uslada shakes off
27 year old white polar bear Uslada shakes off water in her pool at the Leningrad
animals/japanese monkey soaks hot spring snow covered
A Japanese monkey soaks in a hot spring in a snow-covered valley in Yamanouchi town
animals/parrots seen inside cage eve valentines day
Parrots are seen inside their cage on the eve of Valentine's Day in Chandigarh
animals/male orangutan waits feeding station camp leakey
A male orangutan waits at a feeding station at Camp Leakey in Tanjung Puting National
animals/israeli policemen sit horses standby position
Israeli policemen sit on their horses in a standby position on the field outside the
animals/swans swim lake sunny autumn day southern bavarian
Swans swim in lake on sunny autumn day in the southern Bavarian town of Kochel
animals/camel seen road near ras lanuf
A camel is seen on a road near the Ras Lanuf
animals/flamingo rests animal stock taking zoo hanover
A flamingo rests during animal stock taking at the Zoo in Hanover
animals/swan eats grass park sans souci palace potsdam
A swan eats grass in park of the Sans Souci palace in Potsdam
animals/western lowland gorilla baby named mjukuu born
A Western Lowland Gorilla baby named 'Mjukuu', that was born in October last year
animals/painted chicks sold pets 4 pesos 0
Painted chicks sold as pets for 4 pesos ($0
animals/costa rica fishermen return catch seagulls fly
Costa Rica fishermen return with their catch as seagulls fly around their boat during
animals/giraffes graze botlieskop day safaris near mossel
Giraffes graze at Botlieskop Day Safaris, near Mossel Bay
animals/turtle crawls sea laying eggs ostional beach santa
A turtle crawls toward the sea after laying eggs on Ostional Beach in Santa Cruz
animals/butterfly feeds orange cosmos bloom hamarikyu
A butterfly feeds from an Orange Cosmos in full bloom at Hamarikyu Garden in Tokyo
animals/atlantic puffin flies sand eels beak late evening
An Atlantic puffin flies with sand eels in its beak in the late evening light on the
animals/lioness takes swipe bhanu asiatic lion event publicise
A lioness takes a swipe at Bhanu the Asiatic lion during an event to publicise World
animals/jellyfish swims fish tank palma aquarium palma
Jellyfish swims in a fish tank at Palma aquarium in Palma de Mallorca on the Spanish
animals/praying mantis climbs shoot cape town
A praying mantis climbs a shoot in Cape Town
animals/flamingos pictured enclosure antwerps zoo
Flamingos are pictured in their enclosure at Antwerp's zoo
animals/giant swallowtails seen north american butterfly
Giant swallowtails are seen at the North American Butterfly Association's (NABA)
animals/rescued cat pictured animal rescue asis san rafael
A rescued cat is pictured at the Animal Rescue Asis in San Rafael de Heredia
animals/phyllobates terribilis seen exhibit cali zoo
A Phyllobates terribilis is seen in an exhibit at the Cali Zoo
animals/butterflies world bird aviary month san
Butterflies from around the world fill the bird aviary for the next month at the San
animals/king penguin crosses flock gentoo penguins near
A King Penguin crosses in front of a flock of Gentoo Penguins near Port Stanley
animals/wild horse runs rounded rapa das bestas
A wild horse runs before being rounded up during the "Rapa Das Bestas"
animals/pelican watches food scraps dropped fishermen
Pelican watches for food scraps that might be dropped from fishermen at the Sydney
animals/wider image brazil jaguars safe haven rainforest
The Wider Image: Brazil jaguars find safe haven in rainforest trees


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