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weather/raindrops collect fallen leaves autumnal day central
Raindrops collect on fallen leaves on an autumnal day in central London
weather/cloud pictured matterhorn mountain sunnegga ski
A cloud is pictured over the Matterhorn mountain from Sunnegga in the ski resort of
weather/man clears snow form path yard berlin
A man clears snow to form a path in a yard during in Berlin
weather/cloud to ground lightning tornadic thunderstorm
Cloud-to-ground lightning from a tornadic thunderstorm strikes in Perry
weather/snowman sits bridge central park snow falls new
A snowman sits on a bridge in Central Park as snow falls in New York
weather/yacht sails past breakwater lighthouse entrance
A yacht sails past the breakwater and lighthouse at the entrance to Grand Harbour
weather/dog plays snow thames barrier park london
A dog plays in the snow in Thames Barrier Park, London
weather/dog walks snow mourne mountains near village
A dog walks in the snow on the Mourne Mountains near the village of Hilltown
weather/sheep seen covered snow field near middleham
A sheep is seen covered in snow in a field near Middleham
weather/women walk dogs frozen snow covered beach chicago
Two women walk their dogs along a frozen snow covered beach in Chicago
weather/donner lake pictured fresh snowfall near truckee
Donner Lake is pictured after fresh snowfall near Truckee, California
weather/fresh snow clings trees near big bend california
Fresh snow clings to trees near Big Bend, California
weather/duck leaves traces near pond park hanau 30km
A duck leaves its traces near a pond in a park in Hanau, 30km south of Frankfurt
weather/large clouds seen tornado passes south el reno
Large clouds are seen as a tornado passes south of El Reno, Oklahoma
weather/cirrus clouds contrails seen red ensign flag ferry
Cirrus clouds and some contrails are seen above a Red Ensign flag on the ferry MS
weather/rainbow pictured rain shower near bettmeralp
A rainbow is pictured during a rain shower near Bettmeralp
weather/leaf seen snow covered ground helmsley
A leaf is seen on snow covered ground in Helmsley
weather/malawian child catches raindrops brief downpour
A Malawian child catches raindrops during a brief downpour in Ngozi village near the
weather/reflections snow covered trees seen lake near
Reflections of snow covered trees are seen in a lake near Sutton Bank
weather/people stay umbrellas hot summer day blankenberge
People stay under umbrellas during a hot summer day in Blankenberge
weather/woman carrying umbrella pictured car window covered
A woman carrying an umbrella is pictured from behind a car window covered with rain
weather/tree branches leaves cased ice following ice storm
Tree branches and leaves are cased in ice following an ice storm in Toronto
weather/rainbow stretches mount haramoun seen southern
A rainbow stretches over Mount Haramoun as seen from the southern Lebanese village
weather/ice seen formed car window sleet falls staten
Ice is seen formed on a car window as sleet falls in the Staten Island borough of
weather/snow covered popocatepetl volcano spews cloud
The snow-covered Popocatepetl volcano spews a cloud of steam high into the air in Puebla
weather/man stands beach rain monsoon season colombo
A man stands on a beach before the rain during the monsoon season in Colombo
weather/small lake reflecting palm trees pictured nsuaem
A small lake reflecting palm trees is pictured in Nsuaem district
weather/cable car ascends hill heavy rain fog rosa khutor
A cable car ascends to a hill during heavy rain and fog at the Rosa Khutor Extreme
weather/pictures year
Pictures of the Year
weather/port los angeles seen raindrops major storm hits
The Port of Los Angeles is seen through raindrops as a major storm hits Los Angeles
weather/woman relaxes beach deauville
A woman relaxes on the beach at Deauville
weather/melting ice shows cliff face landsend coast cape
Melting ice shows through at a cliff face at Landsend, on the coast of Cape Denison
weather/mass lightning bolts light night skies daggett
Mass lightning bolts light up night skies by Daggett airport
weather/belgian blue cross cow stands rainbow lurigethan
A Belgian Blue cross cow stands under a rainbow on Lurigethan mountain in the Glens
weather/people protect sun parasols rowing central park
People protect themselves from the sun with parasols while rowing in Central Park
weather/woman snowshoes plains abraham snowstorm quebec
A woman snowshoes on the Plains of Abraham during a snowstorm in Quebec City
weather/lightning strikes chacarita neighborhood thunderstorm
Lightning strikes over Chacarita neighborhood during a thunderstorm in Buenos Aires
weather/mass lightning bolts light night skies daggett
Mass lightning bolts light up night skies by Daggett airport
weather/snowflakes collect car window winter noreaster
Snowflakes collect on a car window during a winter nor'easter snow storm in Waltham
weather/office worker holding umbrella walks commercial
Office worker holding an umbrella walks out of a commercial building as it rains in
weather/soviet made plastic row boat covered snow hoarfrost
A Soviet-made plastic row boat covered in snow and hoarfrost lies on a snowy bank
weather/skyscrapers shanghai world financial center jin
Skyscrapers Shanghai World Financial Center and Jin Mao Tower are seen during heavy
weather/tree branch seen snow covered park bucharest cold
A tree branch is seen in a snow covered park in Bucharest as cold winter temperatures
weather/winter swimmer swims breaking ice frozen lake
A winter swimmer swims after breaking the ice on a frozen lake at a park in Shenyang
weather/rainbow seen houses khan younis southern gaza
Rainbow is seen over houses in Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip
weather/footprints seen snow outside madrids almudena
Footprints can be seen on the snow outside Madrid's Almudena Cathedral as freezing
weather/waves crash lighthouse storms battered britain
Waves crash against a lighthouse during storms that battered Britain and where a
weather/lightning strikes mediterranean sea rain storm
Lightning strikes over the Mediterranean sea during a rain storm near the city of
weather/pint sized snowmen seen railing central park new
Pint-sized snowmen are seen on a railing at Central Park in New York
weather/clouds gather bucharests skyline dusk
Clouds gather over Bucharest's skyline at dusk
weather/man shelters rain underneath umbrella madrid
A man shelters from the rain underneath an umbrella in Madrid
weather/wider image greenland glaciers collapse shows
The Wider Image: In Greenland, a glacier's collapse shows climate impact
weather/woman walks snow covered mlociny park following
A woman walks through snow covered Mlociny Park following heavy snow fall in Warsaw
weather/lightning seen buildings storm central shanghai
Lightning is seen above buildings during a storm in central Shanghai
weather/strong dust storm prevented people leaving homes
Strong dust storm that prevented people from leaving their homes is seen in Benghazi
weather/snowflakes collect car window winter noreaster
Snowflakes collect on a car window during a winter nor'easter snow storm in Waltham
weather/man skis botrange nature reserve les fagnes
A man skis in Botrange, in the nature reserve of Les Fagnes
weather/drop water falls melting piece ice argentinas
A drop of water falls from a melting piece of ice on Argentina's Perito Moreno
weather/man walks street covered snow winter storm
A man walks along a street covered by snow during a winter storm in Washington
weather/rainbow seen guadalupe church sunset heavy rains
A rainbow is seen next to Guadalupe church at sunset, after heavy rains in Bogota
weather/waves break south pier blackpool promenade northern
Waves break in front of the South Pier on Blackpool Promenade, northern Britain
weather/raindrops seen leaves river bank tokyo
Raindrops are seen on leaves at a river bank in Tokyo
weather/swing covered snow snowstorm town pajares
A swing is covered in snow after a snowstorm in the town of Pajares
weather/little snowman stands gendarmenmarkt square snow
A little snowman stands at the Gendarmenmarkt square after snow falls in Berlin
weather/passenger aircraft flies backdrop monsoon clouds
A passenger aircraft flies against the backdrop of monsoon clouds in New Delhi
weather/pedestrians walk snow greenwich park london
Pedestrians walk through the snow in Greenwich Park, London
weather/aerial view shows amazon rainforest near city
An aerial view shows the Amazon rainforest near the city of Novo Progresso
weather/rain clouds lit setting sun looking south hadrians
Rain clouds are lit by the setting sun, looking south from Hadrian's Wall near Hexham
weather/double rainbow seen football pitch border county
A double rainbow is seen in a football pitch on the border between County Fermanagh
weather/rain clouds lit setting sun near village
Rain clouds are lit by the setting sun near the village of Chernogorovo
weather/waves crash lighthouse newhaven sussex coast southern
Waves crash against a lighthouse at Newhaven on the Sussex coast in southern England
weather/car travels ice road lake superior bayfield wisconsin
Car travels the ice road on Lake Superior between Bayfield, Wisconsin and Madeline Island
weather/pedestrian walks terrasse dufferin snowstorm quebec
A pedestrian walks on the Terrasse Dufferin during a snowstorm in Quebec City
weather/aerial view shows car driving bank yenisei river
An aerial view shows a car driving along a bank of the Yenisei River outside Krasnoyarsk
weather/swan pictured rainbow created water falling jet
A swan is pictured through a rainbow created by the water falling from the Jet d'Eau
weather/car drives road frozen yenisei river sunset south
A car drives along a road on the frozen Yenisei River at sunset, south of Krasnoyarsk
weather/buenos aires city skylike seen storm approaches
Buenos Aires' city skylike is seen as a storm approaches at sunset
weather/taxi pictured window taxi rain times square
A taxi is pictured through the window of another taxi in the rain in Times Square
weather/snow covered chapel seen tulfes
Snow-covered chapel is seen in Tulfes
weather/aircraft flies siberia outside city krasnoyarsk
An aircraft flies above Siberia outside the city of Krasnoyarsk
weather/vehicles drive snowy road near russian southern
Vehicles drive along a snowy road near the Russian southern city of Stavropol
weather/people watch large waves crash seawall strong
People watch as large waves crash against the seawall during strong winds at Porthcawl
weather/fishermen walk the frozen songhua river northern
Two fishermen walk on the the frozen Songhua River in the northern city of Harbin
weather/chicago skyline seen arctic sea smoke rising off
Chicago skyline is seen beyond the arctic sea smoke rising off Lake Michigan in Chicago
weather/woman walks girl flooded road heavy rains malwana
A woman walks with a girl along a flooded road in the heavy rains in Malwana
weather/main highway linking beirut damascus seen car
Part of the main highway linking Beirut to Damascus, is seen through a car windscreen
weather/rain seen window ferry boat passes midtown manhattan
Rain is seen on a window of a ferry boat as it passes midtown Manhattan and the Empire
weather/trees covered ice snow peak feldberg mountain
Trees are covered with ice and snow at the peak of the Feldberg mountain in Koenigstein
weather/funnel comes tornadic thunderstorm meridian
A funnel comes out of a tornadic thunderstorm in Meridian
weather/view shows rainbow bank yenisei river outside
A view shows a rainbow above the bank of the Yenisei River outside Krasnoyarsk
weather/fresh wet snow sticks trees flood waters red river
Fresh wet snow sticks to trees in the flood waters of the Red River of the North looking
weather/dog people tracks mark snow washington
Dog and people tracks mark the snow in Washington
weather/pedestrians holding umbrellas walk street rain
Pedestrians holding umbrellas walk on a street in the rain in central Seoul
weather/woman dog brave elements winter storm halifax
A woman and her dog brave the elements during a winter storm in Halifax, Nova Scotia
weather/waves crash seafront boulevard el malecon havana
Waves crash against seafront boulevard El Malecon in Havana as Hurricane Rita passes
weather/fallen bicycle lies snow cambridge eastern england
A fallen bicycle lies in the snow in Cambridge in eastern England
weather/northern cardinal sits tree branch falling snow
A Northern Cardinal sits on a tree branch in falling snow in the New York City suburb
weather/lightning strikes caribbean thunderstorm passes
Lightning strikes the Caribbean as a thunderstorm passes Tankah Bay, near Tulum, southern
weather/lightning strikes city los angeles tropical storm
Lightning strikes over city of Los Angeles as tropical storm system makes it way through


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