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moonlight/moon rises temple poseidon cape sounion east
The moon rises over the temple of Poseidon in Cape Sounion east of Athens
moonlight/rnps pictures year 2014 photographers story
Rnps - Pictures of the Year 2014 - Photographers' Story
moonlight/passenger plane leaves contrail flies past moon
A passenger plane leaves a contrail as it flies past the moon over Malta
moonlight/crescent moon planet venus appear roman pillars
The crescent moon and planet Venus appear behind Roman pillars of the Temple of Hercules
moonlight/moon rises street lamps tbilisi
The full moon rises behind street lamps in Tbilisi
moonlight/moon seen partial lunar eclipse yevpatoriya
The moon is seen during a partial lunar eclipse in Yevpatoriya
moonlight/moon seen west orange new jersey
The full moon is seen from West Orange in New Jersey
moonlight/moon rises skyline new york world trade center
The full moon rises over the skyline of New York and One World Trade Center as seen
moonlight/moon seen partial lunar eclipse brasilia
A moon is seen during a partial lunar eclipse in Brasilia
moonlight/partial lunar eclipse seen berlin
A partial lunar eclipse is seen in Berlin
moonlight/moon seen partial lunar eclipse near urnaesch
The moon is seen during a partial lunar eclipse near Urnaesch
moonlight/partial lunar eclipse seen brasilia
A partial lunar eclipse is seen in Brasilia
moonlight/partial lunar eclipse seen outside planalto palace
A partial lunar eclipse is seen outside the Planalto Palace in Brasilia
moonlight/moon rises past palm tree encinitas
A full moon rises past a palm tree in Encinitas
moonlight/moon seen lunar eclipse amman
The moon is seen before a lunar eclipse over Amman
moonlight/10 foot long remote controlled flying santa makes
A 10-foot long remote controlled flying Santa makes a test flight past a setting moon
moonlight/crescent moon pictured mountains kleine scheidegg
A crescent moon is pictured above mountains at the Kleine Scheidegg in Wengen January
moonlight/lunar eclipse coincides so called supermoon
A lunar eclipse coincides with a so-called "supermoon" in Newcastle-under-Lyme
moonlight/moon rises grand camlica mosque istanbul
The moon rises over the Grand Camlica Mosque in Istanbul
moonlight/moon rises church greek island santorini greece
The moon rises above a church on the Greek island of Santorini, Greece
moonlight/moon seen street lights valletta
The full moon is seen behind street lights in Valletta
moonlight/supermoon moon seen christmas lights harpenden
A 'supermoon' full moon is seen through Christmas lights in Harpenden
moonlight/supermoon moon seen christmas lights valletta
The 'supermoon' full moon is seen through Christmas lights in Valletta
moonlight/temple poseidon seen moon partially covered earths
Temple of Poseidon is seen as the moon is partially covered by the Earth's shadow
moonlight/crescent moon seen rafina port near athens
A crescent moon is seen over Rafina port near Athens
moonlight/aircraft passes moon manchester
An aircraft passes in front of the moon above Manchester
moonlight/moon pictured ferris wheel pier santa monica
The moon is pictured behind a ferris wheel on the pier in Santa Monica, California
moonlight/moon seen branches tree tehran
The moon is seen through the branches of a tree in Tehran
moonlight/ring caused refraction moonlight ice crystals
A ring, caused by a refraction of moonlight through ice crystals suspended in the
moonlight/moon harvest moon rises past thunder clouds
A full moon, also a harvest moon, rises past thunder clouds near Encinitas, California
moonlight/moon passes sun earth solar eclipse amman
The moon passes between the sun and the earth during a solar eclipse in Amman
moonlight/skein geese fly past moon prepare land vane farm
A skein of geese fly past the moon as they prepare to land at Vane Farm nature reserve
moonlight/combination picture shows phases annular solar
Combination picture shows the phases of an annular solar eclipse as seen from Segovia
moonlight/surrounded buildings moonlight forms ring macedonias
Surrounded by buildings, the moonlight forms a ring over Macedonia's capital Skopje
moonlight/passenger jet flies past moon shanghai
A passenger jet flies past the moon over Shanghai
moonlight/moon seen lanterns released survivors local residents
The moon is seen behind lanterns released by survivors, local residents and visitors
moonlight/aeroplane flies past crescent moon dusk alcala
An aeroplane flies past a crescent moon at dusk in Alcala de Henares
moonlight/flock common cranes fly night roost near village
A flock of Common Cranes fly towards their night roost near the village of Linum
moonlight/plane flies moon fifth one day international
A plane flies in front of the moon before the fifth one-day international cricket
moonlight/pelican flies intracoastal waterway off dauphin
A pelican flies over the Intracoastal Waterway off Dauphin Island
moonlight/flock migrating cranes flies moon linum near
A flock of migrating cranes flies in front of the moon in Linum near Berlin
moonlight/planet venus seen eclipsed crescent moon seen
The planet Venus is seen after being eclipsed by the crescent moon, as seen from Amman
moonlight/composite photo picturing lunar eclipse sky washington
Composite photo picturing the lunar eclipse in the sky over Washington DC
moonlight/fireworks shoot past moon ceremony presided pope
Fireworks shoot past moon as ceremony presided by Pope Benedict XVI came to an end
moonlight/match feature environment carbon
moonlight/file photo moon rising new york seen eagle rock
File photo of the moon rising over New York, as seen from the Eagle Rock Reservation