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food drink/village woman carries container filled drinking
Village woman carries container filled with drinking water supplied by the government-run
food drink/visitors toast sunny day oktoberfest munich
Visitors toast each other on a sunny day during Oktoberfest in Munich
food drink/coffee milk donut served bakery vilassar dalt
A coffee with milk and a donut are served in bakery in Vilassar de Dalt town
food drink/fish display fish market fishermans wharf la libertad
Fish on display in a fish market at the Fisherman's Wharf in La Libertad, El Salvador
food drink/woman sells fishes seafood market ha long bay
A woman sells fishes at a seafood market in Ha Long Bay
food drink/match feature turkey coffee
To match feature TURKEY-COFFEE
food drink/butterfly rests bunch grapes hanging vine small
A butterfly rests on a bunch of grapes hanging from a vine in a small vineyard located
food drink/ice cream vendor fills cone chocolate ice cream
An ice cream vendor fills a cone with chocolate ice cream in Peshawar
food drink/barista holds cappuccino coffee la tercera cafe
A barista holds a cappuccino coffee at the La Tercera cafe in Beijing
food drink/photo illustration shows automatic coffee machine
A photo illustration shows an automatic coffee machine pouring an espresso into a
food drink/ice cream cone held blue sky blackpool
An ice cream cone is held against a blue sky in Blackpool
food drink/breakfast plate ham egg pictured berlin
A breakfast plate with ham and egg is pictured in Berlin
food drink/glasses chinese spirit baijiu seen bar capital
Glasses with Chinese spirit baijiu are seen on a bar top at the Capital Spirits Baijiu
food drink/freshly ground arabica coffee drips domestic coffee
Freshly ground Arabica coffee drips from a domestic coffee machine to make an espresso
food drink/tortellinis traditional italian pasta bologna
Tortellini's a traditional Italian pasta from Bologna are seen in a deli shop
food drink/head slaughtered pig seen annual pork festival
The head of a slaughtered pig is seen during the annual pork festival in Balvanyos
food drink/hot dogs displayed official weigh in ceremony
Hot dogs are displayed during the official weigh-in ceremony for the Nathan's Famous
food drink/bunch sangiovese grapes hangs vine biondi santi
A bunch of Sangiovese grapes hangs on a vine at the Biondi Santi vineyard in Tuscany
food drink/gathered blueberries seen marsh near village borki
Gathered blueberries are seen in a marsh near the village of Borki
food drink/strawberries pictured dortmund
Strawberries are pictured in Dortmund
food drink/vendor holds string onions stall annual zibelemaerit
A vendor holds a string of onions at his stall at the annual "Zibelemaerit"
food drink/grey mullet shown microplastic hong kong waters
A grey mullet is shown next to microplastic found in Hong Kong waters during a Greenpeace
food drink/waiter serves beer traditional schweizerhaus beer
A waiter serves beer in the traditional Schweizerhaus beer garden in Vienna
food drink/bowl cooked shrimp seen kitchen frankfurt
A bowl with cooked shrimp is seen in a kitchen in Frankfurt
food drink/local lemons used prepare traditional peruvian
Local lemons used to prepare traditional Peruvian drink Pisco Sour are seen during
food drink/boy holds hamburger doughnut bun los angeles county
A boy holds a hamburger made with a doughnut bun at the Los Angeles County Fair in Pomona
food drink/students stand line collect free mid day meals
Students stand in a line to collect their free mid-day meals, distributed by a
food drink/scrambled eggs bacon toast seen roadside cafe
Scrambled eggs and bacon on toast is seen at a roadside cafe along the A59 near Sawley
food drink/sweet drink fermented ginseng rice pictured
A sweet drink made from fermented ginseng and rice is pictured in Geumsan
food drink/egg sausage fry grill mays snack van a22 near
An egg and a sausage fry on a grill in May's snack van along the A22 near Caterham
food drink/man sells spices market karachi
A man sells spices at a market in Karachi
food drink/match feature philippines chefs
To match feature PHILIPPINES-CHEFS/
food drink/man sorts stack fresh pomfret karachis fish
A man sorts through a stack of fresh pomfret in Karachi's fish harbour
food drink/fried egg seen grill roadside snack cafe a49 near
A fried egg is seen on a grill in a roadside snack cafe along the A49 near Tittensor
food drink/match feature water beverages
To match feature WATER-BEVERAGES/
food drink/picture shows piece food served volunteers anti government
A picture shows a piece of food served by volunteers to anti-government protesters
food drink/internally displaced man who fled military offensive
An internally displaced man, who fled a military offensive in the Swat valley region
food drink/waiter serves glass red wine spain tasting session
A waiter serves a glass of red wine from Spain during a tasting session at Vinexpo
food drink/clay miniatures displayed vickie lees clay workshop
Clay miniatures are displayed at Vickie Lee's clay workshop at a shopping mall in
food drink/man holds glass red wine spain tasting session
A man holds a glass of red wine from Spain during a tasting session at Vinexpo
food drink/christmas tree shaped candies displayed candy
Christmas tree-shaped candies are displayed at candy shop in Singapore
food drink/wine glasses guests displayed cushnie et ochs
Wine glasses for guests are displayed at the Cushnie et Ochs Fall 2009 collection
food drink/jalapeno peppers pictured encinitas
Jalapeno peppers are pictured in Encinitas
food drink/cups cappuccino seen juan valdez store bogota
Cups of cappuccino are seen at a Juan Valdez store in Bogota
food drink/stainless steel cutlery seen manchester
Stainless Steel cutlery is seen in Manchester
food drink/selection homemade regionally sourced bread displayed
A selection of homemade and regionally sourced bread is displayed at Steirereck restaurant
food drink/jalapeno peppers pictured encinitas
Jalapeno peppers are pictured in Encinitas
food drink/match feature prosecco wine
To match feature PROSECCO-WINE/
food drink/barista prepares coffee juan valdez store bogota
A barista prepares coffee at a Juan Valdez store in Bogota
food drink/vegetarian food seen go green restaurant la paz
Vegetarian food is seen at "Go Green" restaurant in La Paz
food drink/loaves bread seen shelf bakery village guldala
Loaves of bread are seen on a shelf in a bakery in a village of Guldala
food drink/match feature leisure cakes
To match feature LEISURE-CAKES
food drink/stored bottles lay wine cellar season grape harvest
Stored bottles lay in a wine cellar during season of grape harvest in La Rioja
food drink/match feature turkey coffee
To match feature TURKEY-COFFEE
food drink/woman polishes silver cutlery home valletta
A woman polishes silver cutlery at her home in Valletta
food drink/customer eats goulash soup bread bowl restaurant
A customer eats a goulash soup from a bread bowl in a restaurant in Prague
food drink/traditional turkish coffee served coffee house
Traditional Turkish coffee is served at a coffee house in Istanbul
food drink/coconut pictured beach fortaleza
A coconut is pictured at a beach in Fortaleza
food drink/match feature iran fortunes
To match feature IRAN-FORTUNES/
food drink/tomatoes displayed vegetable stall la merced market
Tomatoes are displayed at a vegetable stall in La Merced market, downtown Mexico City
food drink/cups table pictured silver lake location intelligentsia
Three empty cups on a table are pictured at the Silver lake location of Intelligentsia
food drink/picture illustration shows tomatoes munich
A picture illustration shows tomatoes in Munich
food drink/fish chips seen sea cafe blackpool
Fish and chips are seen in a sea front cafe in Blackpool
food drink/bird seen waits eat leftover plate kathmandu
A bird is seen as it waits to eat from a leftover plate in Kathmandu
food drink/farmer harvests rice paddy field outside hanoi
A farmer harvests rice by a paddy field outside Hanoi
food drink/vietnamese woman transports cooked cassava potato
Vietnamese woman transports cooked cassava and potato for sale by a bicycle on a street
food drink/boy holds camera naan cooked oven shop karachi
A boy holds for camera a naan after it was cooked in an oven at a shop in Karachi
food drink/watermelon seen kramat jati central market jakarta
A watermelon is seen at the Kramat Jati central market in Jakarta
food drink/molecular cocktails balls fruits displayed table
Molecular cocktails with balls made of fruits are displayed on a table at a bartender
food drink/palestinian man prepares traditional cakes sale
Palestinian man prepares traditional cakes for sale ahead of Muslim holiday of Eid
food drink/white chocolate poured chocolate filled candies
White chocolate is poured on chocolate filled candies in La Giralda chocolate factory
food drink/pumpkins pictured field autumn morning
Pumpkins are pictured in a field on an autumn morning in Oulens-sous-Echallens
food drink/match reuters life italy wine
To match Reuters Life! ITALY-WINE/
food drink/molecular mojito displayed bartender school lima
A molecular Mojito is displayed at a bartender school in Lima
food drink/vegetable seller grabs handful indian beans street
A vegetable seller grabs a handful of indian beans at a street market, in Buenos Aires
food drink/cocoa beans chocolate bars displayed minimal
Cocoa beans and chocolate bars are displayed at 'Minimal - Bean to Bar Chocolate-'
food drink/customer self serves plate food inside indian
A customer self-serves a plate of food inside the 'Indian Veg' vegetarian
food drink/wineglass patero wine produced la casa vieja
A wineglass of "Patero" wine produced by "La Casa Vieja" (Old
food drink/cups cappuccino sit table world coffee conference
Cups of cappuccino sit on a table during the World Coffee Conference in Guatemala City
food drink/sign seen bottles wine sold retail store sydney
A sign is seen in front of bottles of wine being sold at a retail store at Sydney
food drink/organic chocolate seen marana chocolate factory
Organic chocolate is seen at Marana chocolate factory in Lima
food drink/tree laden apples stands orchard kressbronn near
A tree laden with apples stands in an orchard in Kressbronn near Lindau at lake Bodensee
food drink/match feature alcoholism pills
To match feature ALCOHOLISM/PILLS
food drink/match feature alcoholism pills
To match feature ALCOHOLISM/PILLS
food drink/typical german fast food dish currywurst sausage
A typical German fast food dish of 'Currywurst', which is a sausage with curry
food drink/men toast glasses wine restaurant phnom penh
Men toast with their glasses of wine at a restaurant in Phnom Penh
food drink/beef steak cut taberna del gijon restaurant madrid
A beef steak is cut at the Taberna del Gijon restaurant in Madrid
food drink/tree laden apples stands orchard kressbronn near
A tree laden with apples stands in an orchard in Kressbronn near Lindau at lake Bodensee
food drink/match reuters life story taiwan whisky
To match Reuters Life! story TAIWAN-WHISKY/
food drink/workers harvest organic cranberries canneberges
Workers harvest organic cranberries at Canneberges Quebec farm in St-Louis-de-Blandford
food drink/labourer carrying tomatoes walks roadside near
A labourer carrying tomatoes walks along a roadside near a wholesale vegetable market
food drink/red wine poured glass wine shop rome
Red wine is poured in a glass in a wine shop in Rome
food drink/plate traditional fish chips gherkin table seafront
A plate of traditional fish and chips with a gherkin on a table in a seafront fish
food drink/people eat chips whilst walking promenade british
People eat chips whilst walking along the promenade at the British holiday resort
food drink/woman sells peppers market santa monica
A woman sells peppers at a market in Santa Monica
food drink/french fries shown hollywood
French fries are shown in Hollywood
food drink/woman fills pot water pulling dried
A woman fills her pot with water after pulling it out from an almost dried well in
food drink/traditional breakfast food seen wistupiku restaurant
Traditional breakfast food is seen at the "Wistupiku" restaurant in La Paz
food drink/cup cappuccino called the golden horde eatable
A cup of cappuccino called "The Golden Horde" with eatable gold flakes is


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