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indonesia/new boats donated french government stand lampuuk
daily life/people walk warm spring morning jardin du palais
indonesia/three day old green turtle hatchling yogyakarta
usa/bears ears twin rock formations pictured utahs
europe/night view shows swiss mountain resort st moritz
general/ballet dancer performs blocked shoes classical
general/match reuters life vietnam cat
general/aerial view shows submerged soccer field flooded
general/woman prays rubble damaged main cathedral downtown
general/man walks park hudson river manhattan hoboken
general/melting snow seen sky skylight house vienna
general/spider weaves web nakhonsawan province north
general/match special report mexico drug orphans
general/african penguin swims pool servion zoo servion
general/wild brier covered ice driveway periphery vienna
general/marijuana leaf displayed canna pi medical marijuana
general/chair seen lying sand beach silhouette man walks
general/long exposure shows stars tree annual perseid
general/woman releases balloon air 20th anniversary
general/winter wheat pictured field koesching near
general/two rowed barley ripens field eichenau
general/popocatepetl volcano spews cloud ash steam high
general/aerial view shows horses standing snow covered
general/people walk footbridge yenisei river air
general/boys silhouetted setting sun fly kite karachi
general/visitor skates ice rink tower london
general/seagulls gather karachis china creek
general/man drenched large wave high tide cycles past
general/hand mahout seen prepares elephant beauty contest
general/children ride bicycles sunset bank east rapti
general/men dressed santa claus use toilet citta santangelo
general/partial lunar eclipse seen roman pillars temple
general/boat seen stranded dry land danube river bank
general/san diego skyline seen beach coronado california
general/syntomoides imaon moths mate stem plant lalitpur
general/leaf pictured wet glass wall rainy day berlin
general/ostriches look enclosure ostrich farm near village
general/flag waves smoke billows hill fire oak hills cajon
general/brass door knocker pictured blue door london
general/houses rented beachgoers seen beach coastal town
general/spotted deer seen inside deer park premises pashupatinath
general/clouds surround teide volcano sunset tenerife
general/pile rocks stand waterfall skogarfoss iceland
general/rainbow church washington dc area
general/hindu devotees climb crater chandargup mud volcano
general/hat donkeys seen start procession virgem
general/double peak illinizas seen plane flight quito
general/healthy roseate spoonbills fly cat island barataria
general/slow motion picture devotees carrying chariots
general/cherry trees bloom view washington monument national
general/healthy brown pelican spreads wings cat island
general/bee collects pollen lemon blossom public park
general/rose ringed parrot seen flies bungmati village
general/white stork flies snow covered marsh elnya
general/waves sea seen window building destroyed march
general/woman holds umbrella rainy day queens borough
general/egret stands anemone flowers ben shemen forest
general/rail tracks signals pictured hamburgs main railway
general/cuban flags reflected windows interests section
general/man holds curtains start act jan baz circus
general/vitus 18 year old male polar bear shakes off
general/follower lights candle the grand anniversary
general/pigeon sits roof unusually clear sky central
general/penitents head procession los dolores
general/toads way lake forest near darmstadt
general/toads way lake forest near darmstadt
general/group monkeys sit huddled cold morning udhampur
general/file photo boy eating bowl rice soup kitchen people
general/herd camels walk mazayin dhafra camel festival
general/bee collects pollen flower park amman
general/malaysian hindu devotee takes cleansing ritual
general/dog stands flight stairs alfama neighborhood
general/penitents humildad brotherhood palm sunday procession
general/penitent reflected puddle water rain fell humildad
general/faithful holds palm frond waits pope francis palm
general/horses graze field puente nuevo new bridge
general/burning tract amazon jungle pictured porto velho
general/people look atlantic sea viewpoint sunset ahead
general/duck flies near pond friedrichshain volks park
general/man walks santa cruz neighbourhood andalusian
general/buddhist monks hold candles pray wat phra dhammakaya
general/dancers jumps heat scotland championships irish
general/horses seen equestrian centre jucu village near
general/vietnamese man pa minority group jumps fire ritual
general/horses harnessed cart road near ucea jos village
general/pigeons huddle warm new york
general/sri lankan fisherman makes daily catch sitting
general/hens seen farm outskirts managua cit
general/birds perch power lines farmland near tirana
general/deer graze wollaton park nottingham
general/silhouetted seagull stands statue royal lazienki
general/transgender pakistanis hold candles commemoration
general/yellow wagtail bird holds insect beak village
general/passenger planes land off sydney airport
general/gold frog seen el nispero zoo el valle town
general/canadian flag seen flagpole midst high rise
general/boy holds ball baseball training session haina
general/colony weaver ants build nest leaves kuala lumpur
general/muslim prays festival eid al fitr naghsh e jahan
general/boy reads koran mathura
general/activist holds candle celebrations international
general/kurdish man waves scarf painted traditional kurdish
general/barn owls stand inside enclosure ghamadan zoo
general/trees reflected waters river near eugene oregon
general/man walks avenue pines punta arenas cemetery chile